This is my first real post on tumblr and it couldn’t be on a better topic.  But it also couldn’t be on a harder topic to describe.  From the very first day when they had an all day hang out (that I watched almost all of at work) I was hooked.  Geek and Sundry is not only amazing for their content and the amount that it continues to inspire me, but also for the community they have created around it. 

The content is the easiest to explain.  I was watching The Guild before Geek and Sundry existed, so the transition was bound to happen.  But it has so many other awesome shows that I cannot wait to watch every week.  Not only are they funny (or adorable in the case of Written By a Kid) and entertaining but also a great way to feed my interests and discover new things.

The inspiration aspect comes from that discovery, but also from seeing the hard work and content that is being created.  The fact that this is just a bunch of people doing what they love is the greatest idea in the world to me.  No life could ever sound better then just spending it with people you care about and doing what makes you happy.  In all of the behind-the-scenes videos and hangouts, it is so cool seeing what they all do on a daily basis and has truly pushed me towards doing more things that I’m passionate about and taking risks.  Also, the fact that they are so receptive to their fans pulls us even further into their world.

Lastly is the community it is building, that is honestly the hardest part to describe.  There have been friends I’ve made discussing The Guild, nights I’ve spent playing games I saw on TableTop and even inspired some friends and I to make a youtube channel, our first post being a cover of “I’m the One That’s Cool.”  Not only is the song awesome because it is the cast of The Guild, but the lyrics are great too.  The original song is at the bottom and my cover is a video response to it.  In short, if you don’t know about Geek and Sundry, you are truly missing out.

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/jFhgupR565Q” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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